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ALYSE HOLSTEIN founded HPG Partners in 2006 in London, England, focusing initially on film and television financing. Now based in New York State, HPG Partners provides sector-agnostic strategic consulting services globally. HPG focuses on B2B introductions and connects early to later-stage companies to funding and revenue sources to create successful financial and strategic outcomes. 

Alyse has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland and maintains her LCSW license. She also has 15 years of financial services experience and has received several national awards from the insurance industry. She co-owned a financial planning and investment advisory company that served 2,000 individual and institutional clients. Her company was approached and ultimately acquired by Lincoln Financial Group.
Today, HPG Partners engages in strategic marketing, client referrals, and business connections to support all facets of business development. HPG fosters strategic partnerships, funding connections, and new business relationships for clients.
Alyse is a visionary and trusted leader who stimulates colleagues and clients and displays integrity in all business and personal endeavors. Undaunted by challenges, she builds strong, enduring business relationships to maximize future growth and profitability opportunities. Her clients are companies involved in all business vertices of technology, alternative energy, clean energy, aqua technology, medical devices, biotechnology, food and beverage, educational technology, and multiple retail and consumer sectors.
A homework assignment in the fourth grade sparked Alyse’s curiosity about space. Writing that paper, she gazed upward and wondered—what’s out there? From that start, and throughout her life, at the core of Alyse’s wide-ranging work is a passion for essential questions and a capacity to think with a systems perspective. Now her early interest in space is linked to her business and philanthropic endeavors. She’s still interested in what’s out there and how our discoveries can benefit life on earth. New ideas spark her thinking and fuel her drive to foster growth and connections in everything she touches.
Alyse’s drive to make connections is evident in her philanthropic work. Several entrepreneurs have gotten a jump start because Alyse took an interest in—coaching, making introductions, and encouraging them to spread their wings. She has been recognized for her involvement in education, domestic violence, poverty, and the advancement of women, minorities, and veterans. What differentiates Alyse and HPG Partners apart from others is that she brings people to her like-minded team in working successfully with their clients.

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